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Kashyap started learning Indian Classical music at the age of 12 from Dr. Mudrika Jani of Gwalior Gharana.  Kashyap is trained in traditional Guru/Shishya style teaching which has been practiced for centuries in south Asian region. During later year he was fortunate enough to learn the voice culture from Pandit Vinayak Rao Athawaleji. He also received advance training from Pandit N Khadeji of Hyderabad.  He earned his Master's in Indian Classical Vocal at the age of 19 and Bachelors in Harmonium at the age of 20. While he was being trained in singing his brother was being trained in Tabla from Pandit Premchand Zha of Benaras gharana and later from Pandit Nakul Mishra at their parental house. This naturally left a huge impact on him and even though he does not play the instrument, he is very well versed with the mathematics of rhythm.

On his day job, Kashyap works for a big financial company working with computers and deals with low latency, high efficiency financial programming. During late 1990's US was a magnet for people aspiring to get higher education and this brought him to the states. After finishing Master's in Computer Science and working in various companies the passion for music never diminished. In fact like they say love blooms in absence the passion grew even stronger. It was here in US he started venturing in various other genres of music like Bollywood and Folk.

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